Saturday, August 21, 2010

I voted

Today I am proud to say I voted

I know we have compulsory voting here but even if it werent I am confident that I would be moved enough to participate in the ultimate democratic right that so many people past & present have fought for.

Although I am looking forward to my tv ads returning to 'normal' after a 5 week political campaign, I am glued to the ABC tonight hanging on every prediction that is being made.

Today I helped to shape the future of this fantastic country & its looking like such a close race that we will have to wait till tomorrow to find out who will lead us for the next 3 years.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

QLD here we come - Pt 1

Kent decided to marry the love of his life Callie, but more on that later.

The important thing for this post is that they decided to tie the knot in QLD & there was no way we were missing it.

We made the somewhat ambitious choice to drive the 2100kms from Adelaide to Brisbane. So on Saturday 9th July we piled the kids & all our summer clothes into the car & were on the road by 9am. By 11am the DVD player was on & we were praising the brain that invented such a life saving device.

Our first stop was Pinaroo for lunch.

Our first night on the road was spent in West Wyalong which is about 900kms from Adelaide which was further than we had hoped to make it on the first day. We slept in the only accomodation that the caravan park had available.... an old railway cart. It was long, annoying to navagate but pretty cool.

Xander was kind enough to time a nappy stop with a drive through Parkes so we took the opportunity to stretch our legs at "The Dish" (made famous in The Dish).

Our second night on the road was spent in Warwick which was just 2 hours out from Brisbane,. Notice the t-shirt in the middle of winter, oh QLD how I love your winter weather.

We were originally planning to do the trip in 3 days but because the kids did SOOOO well we were able to do it in 2 with just an extra 2 hours on the third day. I love the adaptability of those kids, I must remember to commend their parents for a job well done in that respect!!!

Since the kids were such troopers on the drive we decided to head straight to Dreamworld but there are a whole lot more photos for that so I might save that for tomorrow.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Uganda & Neil

A couple of months ago Neil was given the opportunity to apply to join a group of 8 other professionals on an aid mission to Uganda to build a house 8 orphans & a house mother. As well as building the house their aim was to take toys, books & clothes for the communities & provide aid at the ground level.

So after much thought he applied & was successful - YIPPEE!!!! Kain C+C are the fantastic organisation behind this.

One of the things that Neil was most interested in/excited about was meeting and helping an Australian woman who has a "walking medical clinic" that takes medical aid into the communities for those that would otherwise not get any medical attention because they are unable to get to a doctor.

The agreement was that his firm would cover the cost of flights & accomodation but Neil had to raise atleast $2000. So as his main funraising event he organised a bike ride. You could choice 1 of 3 distances to ride (40, 60 or 100 kms) & pay a registration fee accordingly. All donations and ride sponsorships were also accepted & all funds raised go directly to the cause.

Neil did the 100 kms & almost $4000 was raised - PHENOMINAL EFFORT!!!!! Fun was had by all & luckily it wasnt a race.... This is us waiting, waiting, waiting for Neil & Brian to come in, by this stage almost all the 48 riders had left, even Phil, who was following behind in a car incase anyone needed help, had given up and come back for a drink.

They finally came in & despite the late hour we were all really proud of him & ALL the other riders.

However, the trip is not to be... yet. He was meant to leave saturday just gone (7th Aug) but the Somalians have got their knickers in a knot about something and have the bombs to prove it so the trip has been postponed until next year but all funds raised will still go to the cause since it is such a fantastic one.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

the first of many update posts

my intention is to do 1 post every day until I am up to date.

let me start with 22/6/2010:

On an impulse I decided to get the kids hairs cut by a professional, this goes against everything inside me that says "They want how much to cut a childs hair. Ingrid, you can do that yourself!!" but I know that in the past there have been times where Olivia has had to put up with some pretty bad hair. She had finally grown out her fringe to a decent length & Xander's hair was way past his "glasses" (neils test to determine if he needs to visit to the hairdresser). So I made the appointment & then prepped Olivia for it. She was OK with it as long as Xander could go first.

So he did go first but everytime the scissors went anywhere near him he would turn his head to get away so the only thing I could think to do was feed him while the hairdresser cut his hair. 5 minutes later the boys hair was respectable again.

Then is was Olivias turn, at first she wasnt too sure & I thought she may need some coaxing but then she started feeling like a big girl & loved the feeling & attention. She had about 3 inches off (since when do I think in inches) & now her "fringe" is the same length as the rest of her hair & it looks soooo much better.

Doesnt everyone love a trip to the hairdressers...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Olivia has an Expressive Speech Disorder.

That does NOT excuse her behaviour in relation to hitting (please ground swallow me up & let me hide from the shame of it), horrible noises instead of speech & tantrums at 6 am because she is not getting what she wants (I realise that no one is thinking rationally at this unearthly hour).

That does NOT excuse my breakdown at OT today after I had to put Olivia in timeout for trying to take a headband out of my hair & refusing to quit it despite my best "calm yet authoritative voice". It was just the last straw on a difficult week.

There have been many times when I have left a situation, turned around or put my dark sunnies on to shed a tear or 2 for MANY different reasons, but I could do none of those things today. I fear that my 10 year old niece now knows how unstable I am.

I love you Lolly girl, tomorrow is another chance for us to get it right.

But while you sleep tonight I will attempt to make a pact with you - if you dont wake me before 7am I promise to have more patience tomorrow & maybe, just maybe, instead of time outs & escalating arguements you can ride your bike to the park & tell me a story along the way. (BTW - I will take sleepy silence as agreeance)

Friday, June 25, 2010


I take too much for granted. Sure its all relative. My good days are someone elses bad & vice versa.

But QUACK is a big deal is this household, or atleast it was tonight.

I'm sure ducks take their "speech" for granted but in this house, tonight, any duck would have been proud of my 4 year old who until now has not ever been able to form her mouth into K.

We have sat in front of the mirror repeating it over & over again so that she can see how I form my mouth & then how she forms her mouth to try the same sound. I have tried to hold the front of her tongue down while she attempts the sound. I have tried to explain how to make the sound (give it a try some time, it is extremely hard).

But for some reason it just clicked with QUACK this evening (& only this word). Then she lost it again for about 5 minutes, so we pushed on & she gave up so I pushed some more & then it returned.

Smarties were handed out & many praises sung. The fact that it was at the end of the word was the icing on the cake. For the last 5 months we have been concentrating on sounds at the start of words but in the last 2 weeks we have moved on to the end of words.

So for her to get this sound at the end of the word is well deserving of a little happy dance & a smartie.

Monday, May 31, 2010

a post full of things I want to remember always

firstly.... yesterday was Ailish's 10th birthday so we all went up to her house for dinner (burgers were awesome Kristie, thanks). We had just finished dinner & the kids were all running around when all of a sudden there is a crash & Olivia has tripped over *NOTHING* & her head has broken her fall by colliding with a metal suitcase (you know, the ones that your ancestors took to war...). We all jumped up & Neil was the first to reach her. Apon inspection of her forehead it was obvious that we would be leaving & on our way to the ER very shortly.

So we left the party & took ourselves down to Womens & Childrens hospital where we were seen straight away in a "see & treat" area where they literally glued her skin back together & we were on our way back home.

I was really proud of her. Despite the fact that she would not allow me to touch her head to even mop up the blood & the fact that she screamed ALL the way down the freeway right until she started to fall asleep when we were just about there, she let all the nurses & Dr's have a look & fix up her wound. We were sceptical & warned everyone to expect the worst so they brought in an extra nurse to hold her down if they needed too. But it wasnt needed in the end. I lay on the bed with her & 1 nurse lightly held her face still while the Doc applied the glue. She was soo brave.

See that tongue... she sticks it out when she concentrates, just like her Dad.

So, while we were waiting for the nurse to come back in the room last night we were singing songs & playing games to distract Olivia. Olivia & I were clapping and Xander decided that looked like fun & started clapping too. It was the first time he has managed to co-ordinate his hands enough to do it. It was a bit exciting & we were all suitably impressed. (I wish I had a photo of it).

The last thing (for now) I want to remember always is this:

I hope its obvious who wrote it.... She did it this evening while I was preparing dinner. It was the first time she has written her own name all by herself (can you see the little l between the O & i). We have been practising for a little while & although I had written it out for her to copy she really didnt refer to it. She loves being able to write her name & gets so excited when I suggest that we practice. i love it!!!