Saturday, August 21, 2010

I voted

Today I am proud to say I voted

I know we have compulsory voting here but even if it werent I am confident that I would be moved enough to participate in the ultimate democratic right that so many people past & present have fought for.

Although I am looking forward to my tv ads returning to 'normal' after a 5 week political campaign, I am glued to the ABC tonight hanging on every prediction that is being made.

Today I helped to shape the future of this fantastic country & its looking like such a close race that we will have to wait till tomorrow to find out who will lead us for the next 3 years.


Alan said...

might have to wait a bit longer to find out ... but how much better was the ABC's coverage to the commercial networks!

Kristie said...

You might get the chance to vote again!!!

Dee said...

say it ain't so. GG can't disolve the gov coz her daughter went and married a labor pollie

Dinah said...

I stand behind you Ingrid. Exercise that right and do not be passive about it. Too many people including your Granda and great granda fought for your right to be free to vote. Pity it had to be a politician you were voting for though :). Ahhh well, can't have everything. Love ya xoxoxxo

ausellebelle said...

Whoops! I haven't enrolled yet ... my bad!!
I will vote next time :)
love Ellen